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Refund & Cancellations

Last Revised: 1/1/2023

All products and services purchased from HostAddon may be refunded only if canceled within the refund period specified below in this policy. Some products have different policies or requirements for a refund associated with them, including some products that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstance.

All refund & Cancellation requests must be submitted through the Client Area for the specific product or service in question. Our staff will review your request and based on the below policy we will approve or reject a refund or cancellation request. Please read below terms carefully to avoid confusion.

Once the cancellation and refund has been approved, all services related to the product or service will be terminated. HostAddon will not be responsible for data loss due to termination, customer is responsible for data backups or data unload.

Standard Refund & Cancellation Terms

 1 – 15 Days Eligibility : You are eligible for a full refund on these hosting services (Shared, VPS, WordPress, Reseller Hosting).

15 – 30 Days Eligibility : You are eligible for a partial refund on these hosting services (Shared, VPS, WordPress, Reseller Hosting).

Non-Refundable : We will not be able to refund Domain name registrations/Renewals, additional services and third party licenses like cPanel, Directadmin, SSL Certs, Promo packages, Product bundles.

Crypto Payments : Due to cryptocurrency’s nature, which are subject to erratic market exchange rates we will not reverse or refund any payment or service paid by any crypto currency or digital asset.

The following services & products are exempt from 15-day money-back guarantee :

Refunds are not applicable on cancellation of Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services, VDS Servers, Managed Support, Installation Fee & Administrative fees for custom software, or ( cPanels, ISPmanager, Cyberpanel Addons, Plesk, SSL certificates), or Domain name purchases.

Account deposits, Adding funds to account, Credit Balance are non-refundable. You can use them to buy services.

Products & Services purchased using a special promotion, promo codes, or special discount links, are non-refundable. Any packages, services or products paid for with cryptocurrencies, checks, money orders, or bank wire transfers are not eligible for a refund.

Disputes & Chargebacks

Should you think that your billing or charges are incorrect in any ways, it is absolutely necessary for you to reach out to us in writing, this would avoid disputes and confusion, HostAddon is ready to help and take necessary steps to resolve any confusion or dispute to the best of abilities. If a “credit card chargeback” or a PayPal dispute is triggered due to any confusion or disagreement, the Service(s) shall be suspended/terminated until the debate has been settled up. For reactivating your Service(s), all pending charges must be paid off.

In addition to the pending/outstanding balance, there could be a chargeback fee associated with reactivation.

Chargebacks will result in service termination and data loss as we will not allow reactivation of HostAddon services in some cases.

To resume your use of HostAddon Services you must:

  • Resolve your disputed transaction, it is necessary to provide either proof of payment or an obscured photo of the credit card with only the first six and last four digits visible along with a Govt. issued id with the same name as mentioned on the credit card.
  • Pay any applicable fees in full, including any fees and expenses incurred by HostAddon and/or any third-party services for each Chargeback, (including handling and processing charges, and fees incurred by the payment processor).

In cases of blatant payment or criminal fraud chargebacks, the service will be discontinued without any opportunity for recovery. This policy is non-negotiable and enforced permanently.

We maintain the right to dispute any Chargeback we receive, including by providing evidence of authorization from the User in question and proof that they made use of our Services. We will give the credit card company or financial institution whatever information is needed to prove this.

Please contact us as soon as possible to avoid disputes and chargebacks. We are here to help.