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Our Vision :

Host Addon Ltd. started with a vision – a vision to make reliable hosting solutions affordable and technologically advanced! With help of industry leading addons and superb, highly redundant network, is able to bring forth a line of amazing hosting products which will easily meet the requirements of your demanding online business, which our competitors fail!

Who are we is a fastest growing web hosting company specialized in high end and low end hosting solutions. We specialize in Premium Shared, Premium VPS and Premium Dedicated servers. Our offices are located in a beautiful valley of Kashmir and we are currently catering small to large enterprises with specialized and customized hosting solutions all around the world.

Our History : started as a regional hosting solution provider and made its way to international market, leaving behind hundreds of satisfied clients and organizations. Our strategy is simple, work hard and work brilliant to provide customers with high class hosting experience. We believe that our focus and dedication to provide excellent hosting services (& after or before sales customer service) helped thrive in a market where others are failing.

Our Hardware & Network

Host Addon Ltd. maintains line of servers located all around the globe in countries such as Germany, U.S.A, Netherlands, India and Romania. All Datacenters we work with are industry best and are leaders in their line of business. We have our servers located and maintained at datacenters like SmartDC, Nocster, Datadock, Voxility, HostingSolution Inc., Plusserver etc.

Our network is backed with failsafe power backup and Gigabit ethernet on redundant/dual-path DWDM fiber-optic transport connections. And professional tech and customer support professional working round the clock make sure that Your buisness is safe and robust on our network…

Our Commitment : commits and works hard to ensures that you are happy and satisfied with our services now, and for many years to come. In order to ensure our high quality of service we have employed and put at your expense amazing team of hardworking professionals. These professionals make sure that we deliver to our commitment and stay ahead on your expectations.

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