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WHMCS is a full featured client management/billing portal specially designed for web hosting providers. With WHMCS you can allow clients to sign up for web hosting packages and register domains with full automation. Configure your VPS control panel, shared serverpanel, reseller control panel etc module in WHMCS and after you approve a new order, WHMCS will automatically provision or set up the new account on your server automatically. Get Your Free Copy with one of our Reseller Hosting plans

Listed below are some amazing features you will like to know about :

Hands Free Automation

WHMCS is all about automation. Automatic Provisioning, Domain Management, Welcome Emails, Billing, Reminders & More…
You name it, WHMCS has got it covered.

Domain Management

With WHMCS clients can buy, transfer, renew and manage domains in real-time without ever leaving your website. Fully transparent, automated & powerful domain tools.

Multi-Currency Billing

When you sell online, you aren’t limited to just 1 country, so maximise your signups by selling in 2 or more currencies and with a client area available in 10 different languages.

Integrated Support Tools

Built-in Support Tools including Announcements, Knowledgebase & a Fully Feature Support Ticket System make it easy to keep track of enquiries and keep customers updated.

Fully Customizable

Everything your clients see is controlled by templates, which make things very easy to customise. And for more advanced developers, there’s modular support, hooks & an API.

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