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 Web hosting products are easy to sell! Everyday lots and lots of businesses, small or big are getting online at an amazing rate! Even personal websites are a hit among people. provides a wide range of product line to meet this growing demand while helping you earn money as well. Join Affiliate program and start earning money by referring people.

How does it work? Afiliate Program
Step 1: You refer a user via affiliate link on your website or email.
Step 2: The user’s IP is logged and we set a cookie and record it for you.
Step 3: The visitor is directed to our website.
Step 4: If the visitor places and successfully completes an order, the sale will be assigned to your affiliate ID and the comission will be paid based on the product purchased.

How much can I earn?
Depending upon different products, you can earn as high as 75% of the amount paid for the first month for a product chosen via your affiliate link.

Affiliate Payouts based on different Products :
Shared Hosting : 75% of the payment (Payment – $10, Earning => 75% = $7.5)

Reseller Hosting :  50% of the payment (Payment $30, Earning => 50%= $15)

Special Sale Servers : Upto 40% of the payment (Payment $50, Earning => 40%= $20)

Premium Servers : Upto 35% of the payment (Payment $100, Earning => 35%= $35)

Unmetered Servers : Upto 30% of the payment (Payment $200, Earning => 30%= $60)

100TB Servers : Upto 30% of the payment (Payment $300, Earning => 30%= $90)

Earn Upto $150 per sale. Refer people and start earning money the easy way.

Start Earning - Join Now 

After registering, just click on the affiliates tab to activate affiliates program.

Note : Payouts will be paid after 35 days of the qualified sale, minimum payout threshold is $100. A sale is a qualified sale after the 2nd month payment by the referred used.